The Snarkology Halloween Hop! #giveaway #fun #halloween #prizes


Welcome to the Snarkology Halloween Hop!

Fun, Prizes & Great Books!

This year we have almost 70 authors participating.

Trick or Treat with us from Oct. 26-31st.


It is Halloween time!  I love Halloween.  I love the costume.  I love the candy.  I love the decorations.  I pretty much love it all.  Welcome to the Hop where a whole bunch of amazing authors have gotten together to give away amazing prizes and have spooky fun!

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card (internationally where permitted) :

Tell me something you love about Halloween in the comments below and be sure to enter the hop wide giveaway!

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Enter for a chance to win (scroll down the box to find all of the entries. (or go HERE for an easier form):
(1) $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

Being a hop, it means the fun doesn’t stop here! Follow the hop for more fun, great books, and awesome prizes. ( Here )

26 thoughts on “The Snarkology Halloween Hop! #giveaway #fun #halloween #prizes

  1. I love dressing up with my son and hearing his oohs and ahhs and occasional screams when we see other trick or treaters. That’s what I love about Halloween, just the atmosphere, I guess.

  2. It sounds stupid but my favorite part now is passing out the candy and checking out all the creative costumes.Now that mine has kids and I have 2 grandkids as much as I love Halloween,I am glad I don’t have to be out in the weather and very tired feet ,I can just see them all at my door and be grateful that my time of trudging is over and now I can just enjoy it lol

  3. I’m 71 and for the last 40 years I have sat out at our front stoop and passed out candy to the children. I love the way they come running for their candy,and seeing their costumes.

  4. Ever year my brother-in-law sets up a scary hayride. He pulls us with his tractor in a big corn field by his house. He has friends who hide and jump out and scare us. It’s become the highlight of Halloween for our family and friends. Our kids say it’s almost as good as getting candy! Lol! He’s the best brother-in-law in the world. Thanks for the chance.
    diannp (at)neo (dot)rr (dot)com

  5. I love seeing the kids smiles and the way their eyes light up when you put the candy in their bags. They’re so cute!

  6. I luv Halloween! The black cats,being a witch, and seeing all the kids dressed up all of it makes me happy!

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